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Brunel Moves

Welcome to Brunel Moves!

 We all know that moving and staying active has many health benefits, so why not get rewarded for your hard work? If you're  walking with friends, training in our gym or going for a run around campus, you can earn points through our Brunel Moves app.  It's free to sign up and you collect points for your activity, which you can convert into useful rewards, it's that easy! Prizes range from a hot drink on campus, drinks bottle, t-shirt, hoodie or vouchers to spend locally. 


If you're a current student, click here for more information about Brunel Moves or watch this quick video for more information on Brunel Moves...


Search on the app store for:'Moves+ openplay'


  • Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to ‘sign up’, which is free, by selecting Brunel University and enter a email address
  • You will then receive a confirmation e-mail (please check your junk mail)
  • Then connect your tracker, device or app, but please note different phones and trackers work differently so please refer to our FAQS below in case your having trouble with connecting/syncing your data 

You can take part in challenges, create or join groups to connect with others and get motivated to reach your goal. Plus there's even a monthly leaderboard which shows you how your points stack up against your friends!   






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Moves YT

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Brunel Moves


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Is Brunel Moves a free app?

Yes! There's nothing to pay, the app is free and redeeming your points for rewards is free too.

What fitness tracker can I use with Brunel Moves app?

You can directly connect with the following trackers and wearable devices:

  • Apple Health (iOS devices only) – no wearable device required.
  • Google Fit – no wearable device required.
  • Strava – no wearable device required. App is recommended for cyclists and runners.
  • Fitbit – you will need to purchase a Fitbit wearable device, we recommend the Fitbit Charge 3 or above. This tracker is recommended for swimmers.
  • Withings (Health Mate app) – you will need to purchase a Withings wearable device. 
  • Garmin

There are more details within the app about the benefits of each of these tracking apps so you can choose the right connection for you. Visit the ‘My tracker’ section within the profile page. 

You can only connect one tracker at a time!

If you have two trackers or apps downloaded on your phone, e.g. a Fitbit wearable and Google Fit app, we recommend that use one tracker/wearable with Moves+; there is no need to attach Fitbit to Google Fit and Google Fit to Moves+, for example. 

Remember that you will need to connect one of the above trackers to your Moves account to earn points.

What activity is tracked by the Brunel Moves app?

The Moves+ app currently tracks, steps walked, miles run, miles cycled, metres swum.

Moves+ does not collect data associated with any other activities so, if your tracker/wearable allows you to log different types of activity (eg weights or rowing), then any steps recorded during this activity will not be collected by Moves.

Not all trackers have the ability to track swimming:

  • Apple Health needs an Apple Watch
  • Strava and Google Fit require a waterproof phone
  • Fitbit - only certain models which allow for swimming and GPS capability
  • Moves+ is currently unable to read swimming activity on Withings

What rewards are available?

Our rewards range from hot drinks on campus and food offers to discount codes, free classes and Team Brunel merchandise. Once you have signed up to Brunel Moves, all the rewards available to you will be visible on the Rewards tab in the app.

Throughout the year some rewards may be made available due to a specific promotion or event for a limited period of time only. Whilst we try to offer some drink, food and merchandise rewards throughout the year, there may be occasions when an item is out of stock. Please check availability on the app before trying to redeem.

How to collect & redeem my points?

On the app go to the Rewards tab in the app. You can redeem a reward once you have enough points.  Rewards are either available to claim online via a discount code or in person. Details are given in the reward description on the app:

  • Point of Sale rewards - take your phone to the till point, show your phone screen to the member of staff
  • Discount Code rewards - redeem the reward on your phone, make a note of the code, then to claim/apply the discount, enter the code on a website or provide it to the retail assistant/staff, whichever is required

Please note: We will always endeavour to keep rewards available up until their finish date. However, we reserve the right to remove or withdraw rewards at any time. 

Is there automatic syncing with Brunel Moves app and my tracker?

The trackers sync daily with your Brunel Moves account. All connected trackers, apart from Apple, will sync with Moves at 23:55 (11:55pm) and pull through all your activity for that day. Your activity is then converted into points.

Apple Health will only sync activity when you open the Moves+ app. If you don’t open the Moves+ app, any points earned will be rolled over. We recommend that you open your app every day.

For new users tracking with Google, Fitbit and Withings, you will need to open your tracking app in order to sync through the activity. Please note it will take at least a day for the first sync with Moves+.

Garmin - if you're using Garmin you are not able to manually sync activity. Your tracker will automatically sync when new data is sent from Garmin. (Garmin sends Moves+ data when the user completes an activity - typically every hour or so). You will get updated points when your Garmin syncs with Moves+ or in the overnight sync. 

Strava - Users who connect with Stava cannot manually ‘sync’ on Moves+. Your activity will be pulled through to Moves+ in the automatic nightly sync.

Visit the Moves+ website for detailed troubleshooting guidance

Can I take part in more than one challenge?

Yes, but you can't join more than one type of challenge, for example: you can't compete in two step challenges.

Can I connect with Friends on the app?

Yes, you can connect with your Brunel University friends on the app.

You can send them a friend request if they are already a Moves+ user. If they are not already using Brunel Moves you can get yourself an extra 50 points if you invite them to join and they sign up! Just head to the ‘Explore’ tab and select ‘People’ to add friends. Friends must have a email address. 

Once you have connected as friends you can check out where you sit amongst your friends on the leader board. You can even create your own private groups where you can work towards collective goals.

Need more technical help?

Check out the Moves FAQs page Moves FAQs - OpenPlay