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Pranav Singhal


Pranav Singhal






Name: Pranav Singhal

Course: MSc Business Management

 How & when do you move to collect steps/points?

I play badminton sometimes, so that’s the easiest way to collect steps.

Other than that, going on night walks with friends or  going to central is a good way cause you walk a lot.

What challenges do you enjoy?

I like the weekly step challenges as they require you to be consistent.

But I really enjoy running and they tend to give a lot of points, so  all the running challenges are my favourite.

Were you collecting or counting steps before you used Brunel Moves?

Yes I wear a Samsung smart watch, so I would be mindful of my physical activity, but having a reward system and my friend leaderboard definitely incentives me to move more.

Would you recommend Brunel Moves to a friend?

Yes absolutely. I must have made 10 of my close friends download the app so I can compete with them.

What’s been your favourite reward to date?

The Brunel hoodie has to be the favourite. Although I really, wish they expand to more rewards, maybe Brunel track pants, shorts or the journal. That would be amazing.

Since using Brunel Moves would you say you have a more positive relationship with physical activity?

Yes, I would 100 percent say so. Now I actively move more, and when I know I have to walk a lot, It makes it enjoyable knowing I’ll get move points for them.

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