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Supriya Sunder V K


Name: Supriya Sunder V K 

    Course: MSc Marketing


 How & when do you move to collect steps/points?

I walk at least around 45 minutes a day from my home to the bus stop and from the bus stop to the university or to work and back. I prefer walking instead of using a lift. Also, I like to walk, enjoying the beauty of the nature, rather than getting on a bus to a walkable distance of 10 or 20 minutes. To collect the points, the main part is that I  ensure my phone is with me, connected to the tracker, wherever I go. 

 What challenges do you enjoy?

I like challenges especially that my friends set, which gives me a friendly, competitive and fun mood to engage in, like that of completing 20,000 steps.

Were you collecting or counting steps before you used Brunel Moves?


Would you recommend Brunel Moves to a friend?


What’s been your favourite reward to date?

My favourite reward has always been any of the Brunel hoodies, which would be a memory of my life in Brunel. Currently I am aiming to get the Brunel moves hoodie which is worth 8000 points.

Since using Brunel Moves would you say you have a more positive relationship with physical activity?

I do feel that since I started using the Brunel Moves, I started taking care of my health even more as the rewards keep me motivated to move a lot. Moving overall gives me a space to declutter my mind and be at peace. Also, accomplishing tasks increases one’s dopamine level, which is one of the happy hormones,   that in turn helps one keep their mental health in good condition.

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