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Mathematics PhD alumni Dr Abba Gumel, presents his research at The AMS Einstein Public Lecture

Maths Phd Alumni Abba Gumel

The American Mathematical Society hosted The 2021 Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics on March 20th, delivered by Professor Dr. Abba Gumel on the Mathematics of Infectious Diseases. The event was launched in 2005 to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of Albert Einstein's publication of three remarkable papers that revolutionised science and changed the course of twentieth-century physics.

Dr. Gumel is the Foundation Professor of Mathematics at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Science at Arizona State University. He received his PhD in Mathematics from Brunel University in 1994 and has also been Professor of Mathematics at the University of Manitoba in Canada.

His lecture addressed some of the techniques and theories used to formulate, parametrize, and analyse mathematical models for the transmission dynamics and control of infectious diseases, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. His work primarily focuses on the use of mathematical approaches to gain insight and control of emerging and re-emerging diseases of public health importance.

His recent work addresses the problem of the effect of changes in climatic variables, such as temperature and rainfall on the ecology and epidemiology of vector-borne diseases. He has co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed research papers and three edited books.

Dr. Gumel is a Fellow of ASU-Santa Fe Institute for Biosocial Complex Systems, African Academy of Science (FAAS) and Nigerian Academy of Science (FAS). He has also received numerous research awards and honors in his research.

To find out more about the event please visit The AMS webpage.