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Bioviolence: How the powers that be make us do what they want

WW BioViolence 432 x 432

In this very special first edition of the Brunel Research Spotlight Series, we're joined by Professor William Watkin (Brunel University London) to discuss the recent publication of 'Bioviolence: How the powers that be make us do what they want'.

Drawing from the book, Prof Watkin will unpack bioviolence as a kind of philosophical tough love, a politics of being cruel to be kind.... Bioviolence presents a contemporary history of the last ten, confusing, sometimes terrifying years, starting with ISIS and ending with Covid. At the same time, it is also a philosophical investigation of how power, force, coercion and violence has been upcycled by modern states into unique affordances of harm, often dressed up as concern for our wider wellbeing.