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World leaders will be assembling for the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 (COP26) in Glasgow, 31st October 31 - 12 November).

The aim of the conference is to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Join Global Challenges students and staff from the BASc Global Challenges programme as well as academics from across the university and Brunel staff in lively discussions at COP26 ON CAMPUS.

There will be daily discussions prompted by podcast recordings made with Brunel staff, Global Challenges students and Steve Parker from Uxbridge FM.

This takes place from 3 - 11 November between 13:00 - 14:00 pm in Room 011 of the Heinz Wolff Building.

We (roughly) follow the COP26 Presidency Programme with the following themes each day:

Wednesday 3 November - Finance Public and private finance for adaptation and mitigation

Thursday 4 November - Transition to Cleaner Energy (podcast with Dr Salman Masoudi Soltani, Mike Gorbounov, Ben Petrovic)

Friday 5 November - Youth and Public Engagement (podcast with Dr Gareth Dale)

Monday 8 November - Nature (podcast with Professor Trevor Hoey) Importance of nature, sustainable land use and global action for clean recovery Adaptation, Loss and Damage

Tuesday 9 November - Gender Equality and Participation of women and girls(podcast with Dr Sara de Benedictus)

Wednesday 10 November - Transport (podcast with Dr Xinyjan Wang) Zero-emission transport

Thursday 11 November - Cities, Regions & Built Environment (podcast with Dr Harjit Singh, Dr Anurag Pramanik, Dr Anshul Paneri) Action where we live and then to a national level

There will be pizza and drinks available! For further information, contact:

Huge thanks to Steve Parker from Uxbridge FM for all his work on recording and editing the podcasts.

Many thanks for the kind support of Professor Mariann Rand-Weaver (Vice Provost for Education)