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Setting Goals to Grow your Business


We all have goals, certain things we strive for; a certain level of turnover, multiple product streams, etc.

Goals are usually personal and so when something like COVID-19 comes along, a lot of the goals and plans we put in place must be shelved, leaving us feeling deflated and demotivated.

Join this session as we look at creating long term visions to keep you inspired and motivated and keep your business moving forward. We’ll break those visions down into milestones that feel manageable and allow you to feel regular progress whilst keeping the needs of yourself and the business at the heart of every decision you make.

The Agenda What is Visioning? Why is Visioning so Important? What your vision should be Top tips for Visioning Setting Measurable Goals Success Measurement?

This is an interactive session consisting of breakout rooms and exercises.

There will be an opportunity to network and be part of a peer to peer support group led by Co-Innovate Innovation Directors and industry experts.