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Shaping our identity - Black History Month Panel Event

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This Black History Month we are looking to have a panel discussion for us to openly discuss what it means to be black in today's day and age. Looking at the black identity from the perspective of the media, our own perceptions and what our cultures dictate.

We welcome all, Staff, students, alumni and other interested parties to join our panellist for an impactful discussion. Attendees will have the to opportunity ask questions too!

Our panelists:

Ashling Akosa - Anti-racism Officer

Annie Njoki Pover - Co-Author of African Women in Diaspora Volume 2

Donna-Marie Holder - Founder of ‘The Black Doctoral Researchers Collective

Dr Gifford Rhamie - Chief Executive of Rockstone Consultancy

Layla Ali - Black and Ethnic minorities officer

Kiri Kankhwende - Political commentator