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Innovation Masterclass

Working across three sessions – and exploring the critical capabilities – you will gain the tools, capacity, skills, and confidence to respond to the challenges of change.

This will help you adapt to the now, shape your future thinking and future proof your business.

What will you learn / take away from the session?

• Supercharge your projects – see faster results, outcomes and financial impacts
• Understand the tools that can help respond and adapt to the 'new normal'
• Help you stay relevant as customer behaviours change
• Come up with new creative solutions to the problems you face
• Speed up thinking and test ideas more quickly
• Increase your flexibility, agility and adaptability
• Help you stay competitive in a changing world
• Find out who can help, support and fund your project

Places are limited so if you are interested in attending the Innovation Masterclass Series please register and the Co-Innovate team will send you a business questionnaire and we will confirm your place.