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Social Work conference: Centring the body on our way to healing

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Join our fifth annual conference dedicated to exploring the connections between social work and the body.

Our bodies are often more aware of our experiences and the world around us than our brains. On this one-day event, we will try to centre our bodies and bring them to attention for the benefit of the people we work with, ourselves and our health.


  • 9.30-9.40am: Welcome and introductions by Dr Yohai Hakak and Dr Sherwyn Sicat
  • 9.45-11.30am: Embodied boundaries for social workers by Tamu Thomas
  • 11.45am-1.30pm: The psychological & social impact of living in a visibly different body by Rebecca Wilson Green
  • 1.30-2pm: lunch break
  • 2-3.45pm: Mind your resilience - improving your response to stress through Havening Techniques by Jan Carpenter
  • 3.50pm: close

This event is organized by Brunel Social Work Programme and Embodiment in Academic and Professional Practice Research Group.