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Lab Tours of Environmental Sciences and Biosciences Facilities

The tour of the Environmental Sciences laboratories will focus on our analytical chemistry instrumentation.

Our analytical facilities contain a wide range of analytical instrumentation including mass spectrometry, chromatography, and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. We are focused mainly on the analysis of environmental samples including water, wastewater, soil, air, plant materials and biota.

During the tour, students will talk about their research work using these instruments. The tour of the Biosciences high end facilities will cover the range of high-end equipment we have for research into various cellular diseases.

Our facilities include an array of instrumentation for these purposes including gene expression readers, advanced fluorescent microscopes and flow cytometers.

Our students will discuss examples of the results they have obtained from this equipment.

This is part of the Brunel Research Festival, a month-long celebration of the diverse local and global benefits of our research.

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