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The Awarding Gap symposium

The Awarding Gap Symposium will bring together staff to look at existing work and discuss new projects to reduce the awarding gap at Brunel.

Join the event here

The awarding gap refers to the anomaly in the top degrees (first or upper second class) awarded to groups of students differentiated by a social or cultural characteristic.

A number of our colleagues have worked hard on projects across Brunel looking into how to reduce this gap.

I would strongly encourage you to attend this online symposium to find out about this valuable work and to share good practice.

It will be an opportunity for everyone to find out how we can all support Brunel to move forwards.


10:00 Welcome from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Andrew Jones

10:15 The scale of the problem

10:30 Action Research Projects on the awarding gap

11:30 Break

12:00 Panel discussion with Action Research Project Leads

12:45 Lunch break

13:30 What causes the awarding gap?

14:00 How can we address awarding gaps in our own areas?

14:45 Break

15:00 Issues affecting Doctoral Researchers

15:20 Inclusive teaching and anti-racism training

15:45 Sum up and what’s next?