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Unspoken Pleasures

Michael McGrath-Brookes and Dr. Martyn Higgins are hosting a mini-conference to scope the possibility for a fuller conference on the subject of ‘Philosophy and Social Work’.

Social Work is a profession in England that has continually defined itself not on a succinct body of knowledge but as a hybrid profession using the best theory, research and practice examples from a range of other disciplines.

However there has been a unspoken trend in Social Work in England of referring to and using the same established and tired social work theories and practices.

These have narrowed over the recent decade and it is unlikely any social worker, student or academic has not come across systems theory and systemic practice, and probably ad nauseam.

This has been built on an especially English trend that social work is seen, and sees itself as an anti-intellectual profession.This mini-conference, which is to scope the possibility for a larger conference later in the year, aims to provide an outlet for an alternative to both these trends and focus on the contribution philosophy and philosophical traditions can make to our understanding and practice in Social Work.

Invites are open to all interested in social work and applying philosophy to understanding it. This is for Experts by Experience, Social Workers, Students, Academic and anyone who may be interested.

Invites are also open to any one who wishes to submit an abstract or proposal for a presentation on the day.

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