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Award-winning choreographer to take part in unique experiment

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Celebrated choreographer Matthias Sperling will take part in a unique project to help understand audience responses to dance.

As part of a larger study by academics at Brunel University London, a piece of choreography by the internationally-renowned artist will be presented to an audience equipped with wrist sensors to measure their physiological responses.

The audience will then be asked further questions while watching the performance using a custom-made app on a tablet device. This data will be used to understand how dance is perceived by a variety of audiences.

The research is part of an 18-month study, funded by a £250,000 grant from the Economic and Social Research Council, and conducted by researchers at Brunel University London alongside academics at University College London and University of Cambridge.

The choreography, performed by 10 experienced dancers, will be held on Friday 22nd May at 3pm and 5pm and Saturday 23rd May at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm in Brunel University London's Antonin Artaud Theatre.

To attend as an audience member please contact Dr Staci Vicary at Each session, which includes a number of questionnaires, will last one hour in total, while attendees will be paid for taking part.