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Brunel Launches Four Collaborative Research Networks the First in a Series to Deliver Globally Significant Research

Brunel University today announced that it has launched its first four Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs) to address the major multi-disciplinary research challenges of the future. The networks are announced as Brunel also reveals its success in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and cements its commitment to a sustainable and thriving research environment at the University.

Brunel's CRNs will build on existing interests across the University and bring together collaborative teams of researchers in areas where there are demonstrable research strengths, critical mass, leadership and significant opportunities for external funding. The first four will focus on the following areas of research and are designed to increase the social, cultural and economic impact of the University's research:

  • Ageing
  • Complexity
  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Security, Human Rights and the Media

As well as coordinating activities within Brunel, the CRNs will actively pursue partnerships and collaborations with other universities, business and public sector organisations with common goals and interests.

Professor Geoff Rodgers, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research) at Brunel, comments: “The objective of the Collaborative Research Networks is to help Brunel engage with industry and the public in order to further research and knowledge transfer in areas of enormous, global significance for the 21st century and beyond. They are designed to contribute to the international effort to secure advances in scholarship and understanding in science and technology.“

Contact details
For more information about Brunel's Collaborative Research Networks, please contact the Racepoint Group:

Tel: 020 8752 3200