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Brunel among top 10 UK universities for 'boosting graduate salaries'


Brunel University London’s impact on the future wages of its graduates is among the best in the country compared to other universities, according to a new analysis of government data by The Economist.

Published this week, The Economist’s league table is based on the latest longitudinal education outcomes data from the Department for Education, which uses tax returns to show how much people earn five years after graduating from university.

The publication has drawn up an estimate for how much graduates might be expected to earn, based on the subjects they studied, their school exam results, age, family income, whether they went to state or private school, and the location of the university they attend.

This figure is then compared to the actual amount students earn five years after graduation.

In Brunel’s case, graduates were shown to earn £2,034 a year more than expected. This is the ninth highest figure in the country compared to the average institution.  

Brunel’s Professional Development Centre plays a vital role in ensuring students have the skills and experience to stand out in the job market. The University maintains strong and diverse connections with industry, and offers a wide variety of placement opportunities to students during their period of study.   

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Reported by:

Sarah Cox, Media Relations