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Brunel joins the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association


Brunel University London has joined the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association (GEAA) as one of its founding members.

Brunel joins the GEAA at the same time as the Aberdeen-based Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), raising the total number of founding members to 19, including energy companies, other universities, institutions and professional services.

The GEAA is a not-for-profit stakeholder-driven association that advocates increased investment in, and awareness of, this sustainable source for low-carbon power, heat, and hot water, and in some cases, potential for strategic and valuable minerals. GEAA aims to promote geothermal, its future role, and the necessary policy and legal frameworks needed to accelerate its use. Its working groups provide easy-to-follow one-pagers for information on key aspects of geothermal. It is open globally to all those interested in advancing geothermal and its role in transitioning to a world using less hydrocarbons.

Professor Tassos Karayiannis, Director at the Centre for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Technologies (CEEST) at Brunel University London, said: “Research in renewable energy was always a priority in CEEST, with members also contributing to postgraduate courses in this area. We now believe that geothermal energy for heat or electricity generation is a possible step in engineering that can lead to a significant step-change in UK and global energy provision and reduction of environmentally harmful emissions. We are therefore very pleased to participate and contribute to the work and activities of GEAA, making this a reality.”

President of GEAA, Professor Jon Gluyas, Director of the Durham Energy Institute at Durham University, noted: “With COP27 rapidly approaching, it is essential to consolidate plans for a low-carbon world. Through GEAA, we plan to deliver concise messages that get to the heart of the changes needed to produce and distribute low-carbon geothermal heat and power.”

Chair of GEAA Founding Members, Chris Sladen, commented: “In recent months, the world has realised the importance of geothermal in creating permanent energy security; it can be available everywhere and be totally independent of weather. Our Working Groups are preparing briefing notes, the most recent two explain how geothermal can make a beneficial transition from hydrocarbons, and the role for geothermal in agriculture and food sustainability in the UK.”

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