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Brunel sees major improvement in the 2011 University Green League


Brunel has seen a significant improvement in its position in the People and Planet Green League 2011, an independent league table based on the environmental and ethical performance of UK universities.

The University rose to 50th place from 107th in 2010, out of 138 participating institutions. We received a '2.1' grade, moving from third class to upper second class.

Full marks were awarded for staff and student engagement, reflecting the commitment of Brunel’s community to creating a greener, more sustainable campus. Scores in environmental management doubled, following the implementation of an environmental management system and carbon management strategies.

The University also greatly improved its energy efficiency. Initiatives launched to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions include: 

  • ongoing green campaigns for students and staff;
  • sourcing energy from 100% renewable resources;
  • increasing recycling on campus;
  • reducing waste sent to landfill to less than 10%.

The University’s ethical practices are well reflected in its maintenance of Fairtrade accreditation, its Sustainable Procurement Policy and the newly introduced Sustainable Food Policy.

Future developments will include embedding sustainable development in the curriculum and tackling carbon emissions generated by staff and students travelling to the campus.

Chief Operating Officer Paul Thomas welcomed the University’s improved ranking: “This is a thoroughly deserved result that reflects the hard work of staff and student members from a variety of environmental and sustainability groups across campus. It provides an excellent platform for the continuing initiatives that will be needed to meet increasingly challenging sustainability targets, in areas such as carbon reduction.”

The University's dramatic improvement in the Green League underlines its commitment to take the lead on environmental issues as a socially responsible institution. The achievement highlights the work of the Environment Strategy Group, which consists of representatives from the academic, administrative and student communities, all of whom are committed to guiding Brunel towards a greener future.


Download the full Green League table