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Legal doping – training to tunes

Costas Karageorghis Image@ESPNMag

Legal doping – training to tunes

Listening to music is a type of legal performance-enhancing drug. So says Brunel University London’s Dr Costas Karageorghis.

Though unlike banned substances in sport, which are often mainly linked to elite athletes, music is a massive game-changer for the exercising masses.

Dr Karageorghis has studied the bio-hacking abilities of music on performance for more than 20 years and is a world leading expert on psychology of music in exercise.

His new book spills the beans on how fitness-phobes through to medal magnets can fine-tune their game with the power of sound.

Delving into psychology and physiology, Applying Music in Exercise and Sport reveals how to apply scientific principles to workouts, group exercise, individual and teams.Costas 2

“I have tried to write the book that I wanted when I started working in this field, and to provide a fusion of science, art and practical application that will inspire people with a passion for exercise and sport,” said Dr Karageorghis based at Brunel’s Department of Life Sciences.

Out now, the book has workable recommendations on how anyone from beginners to coaches can use music to enhance enjoyment, motivation and performance in exercise. There’s sport-specific recommended playlists for a variety of exercise and a guide to selecting and segueing music tracks plus advice on which tracks promote or suppress particular emotions.

“It’s an essential read for anyone who wants to up their game,” said Sporting Soprano Laura Wright. The rugby player and Rugby World Cup opening ceremony singer added: “It’s an essential read whether you simply want to understand how to motivate yourself to be more active or if you’re looking to make marginal gains at a professional level.”

Applying Music in Exercise and Sport is the topic of a free public lecture by Dr Karageorghis at Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham Kent from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, Wednesday 28 September. For bookings and further information, contact Jonathan Bird: