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Shapeshifting Shoes



Yaagni Patel and her Shapeshifting Shoes

Brunel Industrial Design and Technology graduate, Yaagni Patel, was inspired to design shapeshifting shoes when she noticed how many women commute to work in trainers or flats with a sharp pair of heels stuffed in their bag. She wanted to design a shoe that lets wearers swap their high heel for a low one. Through the skills she learnt during her degree, Yaagni was able to create a heel attachment that's quick and easy for users to change. 

Yaagni's Entrepreneurial Journey

Since the age of 15, Yaagni has aspired to design and create her shapeshifter shoes. With this aspiration in mind, Yaagni wanted to study industrial design and technology to learn the skills needed to develop her product. During her final year major project, she decided to create the concept of an adaptable heel and made a basic prototype. Armed with this prototype, determination and ambition, Yaagni search for opportunities to take her product to market. Having successfully applied and won a place on the CRL (Central Research Laboratory) Accelerator program, Yaagni will be spending the next 6 months developing her product for commercialization.


At the very start of her journey, Yaagni was not selected to be part of the Made In Brunel graduate show, which was a complete confidence knock. She began to doubt her project and think that it wasn’t good enough. However, Yaagni continued to find help and support and after being approached by the media team at Brunel University, she was able to believe in herself and her product once again. 

Innovation Hub

With a prototype created, Yaagni needed guidance to startup her own business. She approached the Innovation hub a few weeks after her last exam to ask for support. With the help from the Innovation Hub and by attending their Entrepreneur Training week, Yaagni learnt invaluable entrepreneurial skills. She was able to develop her pitching and marketing abilities while networking with other start up businesses.

Yaagni's Words of Inspiration ….

 "Never be afraid of asking for help, because there is always someone out there who will help you. If you have a dream or a goal, don’t be afraid to achieve it, because you’ll never know what could happen if you don’t try."
"People have different opinions and if you truly believe in your product and business don’t let people’s opinions get you down. Focusing on the positive influences and people in your life will help you be the best entrepreneur you can be."

Reported by:

Lauren Warner