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Brunel Summer Internship Programme

Brunel Summer Internship Programme (BSIP)

Brunel Summer Internship Programme offers eligible students the opportunity to gain eight weeks relevant paid work experience over their first summer break. This is open to all eligible first year undergraduates, from any course. Please contact a member of the BSIP team at bsip@brunel.ac.uk for more information. In order to register for BSIP 2019/20 please sign up by clicking here. Please note that registration closes on  Sunday 15th December 2019

Please note that all internships must be completed in the UK. Internships abroad are not supported by this programme.

Please contact us for more information. 

Listen to the audio clips below to hear student internship experiences:
Dzifa Atopley 1A

Dzifa Atopley

Hareem Naqvi 1A

Hareem Naqvi


As part of our commitment to help our students to develop essential employability skills and progress to graduate level jobs, we have obtained funding to offer a number of paid internships/work experience to our first year Widening Participation students.


You will be paid a bursary for 8 weeks at 35 hours per week (or any combination totalling 280 hours) by the University.

The bursary will be in excess of the National Minimum Wage and paid during your internship which will take place between June and the middle of September 2019.

What is Widening Participation? 

Widening Participation is a government-funded initiative to increase the number of students from under-represented groups participating in higher education. In order to ensure your progression, retention and success the University’s Widening Participation team delivers a number of initiatives to support you. This short term summer internship will build on your academic experience and employability skills.

Why do an Internship?

  • Build your skills, knowledge and personal attributes
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Build your knowledge of graduate recruitment by applying and being interviewed for the internship
  • Find out about a particular industry
  • Make valuable contacts
  • Have excellent experience to add to your CV and your HEAR report
  • A chance for a potential future employer to get to know you


BSIP Thank You Event 2018 


To be eligible you can be studying any course but must be a Home/EU (UK) first year student.

In addition you need to be able to select at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Have a disability, dyslexia , long-term health issue or mental condition
  • Are black/ black (other) 
  • Come from a low-income houshold (under £25K)
  • Are a care leaver 
  • Are a young carer 
  • Are estranged 
  • Are a refugee
 In order to register for BSIP 2019/20 please sign up by clicking here.