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Dr Ada Grabowska-Zhang
Senior Lecturer (Academic Education) in Environmental Sciences


Ada is an Ecologist with a special interest in Urban Ecology, avian Behavioural Ecology and Environmental Education.

Selected publications

Stanley C, Bagniewska JM, Grabowska-Zhang AM, Hesselberg T (2023) Wooded streets, nut not streetlight dimming, favour bat activity in a temperate urban setting. Journal of Urban Ecology 9(1).

Tobias JA, Sheard C, Pigot AL, Devenish AJM, Yang J, Sayol F, et al. (2022) AVONET: morphological, ecological and geographical data for all birds. Ecology Letters 25:581-597.

Pirzio Biroli A, Van Doren BM and AM Grabowska-Zhang (2020) Drivers of avian species richness and community structure in urban courtyard gardens. Journal of Urban Ecology 6(1).

Gardner E, Hesselberg T, Grabowska-Zhang AM and J Hughes (2019) The effect of woodland area on avian community composition in a fragmented southern UK landscape and associated management recommendations. Bird Study 66(3).

Grabowska-Zhang AM, Hinde CA, Garroway C and BC Sheldon. (2016) Wherever I may roam: social viscosity and kin affiliation in a wild population despite natal dispersal. Behavioral Ecology 27(4).

Wyndham FS, Grabowska-Zhang AM, Gosler AG, Park KE, Fanshawe J, Nathan D, Fletcher H, Del Hoyo J. (2015) The ethno-ornithology world archive (EWA): an open science archive for biocultural conservation. Chilean Journal of Ornithology vol. 21(2).


D Phil in Zoology from the University of Oxford (2012)

PG Cert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the University of Oxford (2020)


Level coordinator (L6) in BSc Environmental Sciences

Module lead for Dissertation and Research and Analytical Skills for MSc Environmental Management, MSc Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design.

Teaching mentor for Advance HE professional development framework.