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Professor Dany Nobus

Professor Dany Nobus
Professor in Psychology


Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Chair of the Freud Museum London. Main research interests include the history, theory and practice of psychoanalysis, the history of psychiatry, and the intersections between psychoanalysis, philosophy and the arts. In 2017, Dany Nobus was awarded the Sarton medal of the University of Ghent for his outstanding contributions to the history of psychoanalysis.


  • PhD Psychology (Ghent)
  • MA Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Ghent)
  • MSc Clinical Psychology (Ghent)
  • BSc Psychology (Ghent)

Newest selected publications

Nobus, DM. (2018) 'Psychoanalysis as Poetry in Lacan's Clinical Paradigm', in Mukherjee, A. (ed.) After Lacan: Literature, Theory, and Psychoanalysis in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. pp. 74 - 92.Open Access Link

Book chapter

Nobus, DM. (2018) 'The Unconscious', in Di Leo, JR. (ed.) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Literary and Cultural Theory. London: Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 730 - 731. ISBN 10: 1350012807. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Nobus, DM. and Moncayo, R. (2018) 'The Lacanian School as an Organizational Structure', inKnowing, Not-knowing, and Jouissance: Levels, Symbols, and Codes of Experience in Psychoanalysis. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 227 - 257.Open Access Link

Book chapter

Nobus, DM. (2018) 'Kant with Sade', in Vanheule, S., Hook, D. and Neill, C. (eds.) Reading Lacan's Écrits: From 'Signification of the Phallus' to 'Metaphor of the Subject'. London : Routledge. pp. 110 - 167. ISBN 10: 0415708028. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Nobus, DM. (2018) 'Una deuda irredimible: Sobre la traducción al inglés de los dos primeros seminarios públicos de Lacan'. Artefactos, 8.Open Access Link

Journal article
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