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Professor Karnik Tarverdi
Honorary Professor

Wolfson Centre 042


  • Director of Extrusion Technology at the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing, Institute of Materials and Manufacturing, with special interests in development and application of in-house modification/development of twin screw compounding technology, reactive extrusion and processing of materials
  • Professor Tarverdi has extensive experience and expertise in developing and using sustainable composites for the manufacture of engineering parts and innovative light weight and sustainable packaging including the use of recycled composites and the use of nano materials to enhance properties of polymer based materials
  • He is involved in many United Kingdom and European Union funded projects and has been at the forefront of the development and exploitation of continuous extrusion blending technology for the manufacture of composites
  • He has many patents and has published over 80 papers in compound and machine development for the manufacture and assessment of sustainable composites
  • Professor Tarverdi lectures to MSc Students on Advanced Materials Processing, Biomedical Materials, including using Bio(degradable) polymers and fillers and Sustainable Polymers in Clear Technology and Design.