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Dr Marcus De Matos
Lecturer in Law

Membership and affiliation

Media interests

Latest media quests & specialist opinion include:

  • Interview to BBC Brazil on the 60th Anniversary of the Brazilian Evangelical Confederation 1962 Conference, and the Human Rigths & Religion research project, funded by the Brunel Institute of Communities and Societies: "Christ and the Brazilian Revolutionary Process."
  • Radio interview to Papo de Crente, broadcasted on radio in São Paulo, about the recent arrest of Evangelical pastors accused of corruption and lobbying in the Ministry of Education in Brazil.
  • Blog post "Jesus Fights Back: Easter Torture & Reverse Racism" published by Critical Legal Thinking. 
  • Consultation to the Open Innovation Team’s work on digital democracy in the Indo-Pacific with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.
  • Legal Commentary on Brazilian Supreme Court case RE 1071365, the "Marco Temporal" doctrine to limit native Brazilian Constitutional original claims to land. "The Right of Native Brazilians," published by A Terra é Redonda critical blog. 
  • A comment on the investigation opened by the Public Prosecution Office in the State of Minas Gerais (MPMG) against hate speech supposedly promoted by Colégio Batista Getsêmani, a baptist faith-based school, against minorities in Brazil. The comment was published by fact-check agency Coletivo Beréia and is available here: "Diretor de Colégio Batista afirma sofrer perseguição religiosa"
  • Interview to Carta Capital on the Brazilian Supreme Court cases of ADIs 5248, 5255, 5256, 5258, about availability of public funding for public schools buying bibles.
  • The Brazilian Covid situation: podcast interview by the Renew Our World movement (ROWcast) with Dr Marcus De Matos and José Carlos Muniz from RECAP, on their legal claims taking the Brazilian Federal government and other State and local authorities to court over their mismanagement of the pandemic.

Dr De Matos is available for media quests on issues pertaining to human rights, democracy and public law (such as conflicts between parliament and constitutional courts) globally and domestically, with a particular interest in Brazil, Latin America, and the Lusophone Commonwealth. He is also available for media quests on law and equality, freedom of speech and religion, and the protection of journalists, witnesses and human rights activists.