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Professor Peter Thomas
Head of Department / Professor - History of Political Thought

Marie Jahoda 229

Research supervision

Adam Fabry (Brunel University London): The construction, reformation and deformation of neoliberal hegemony in Hungary: from the “transition” of the 1980s to the crisis of 2007-2010; 2009–2013. Award of PhD: May 2014.

Daniel Hartley (Justus Liebig University Giessen): The Politics of Style: British and American Marxist Literary Theory; 2010–2014. Award of PhD (summa cum laude): May 2014.

Alen Suceska (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main): Language, Consciousness, Ideology. 2011–2014. Award of PhD (magna cuma laude): February 2015.

Nathaniel Boyd (Brunel University London): “Hegel’s Concept of the Estates”. 2011– 2015. Award of PhD: June 2015.

Aaron Bernstein (King’s College London): “From the Theses on Feuerbach to the Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Gramsci, Philosophy and Politics”. 2011–2015. Award of PhD: February 2016 (Elsevier Outstanding PhD Thesis Award).

Matthijs Krul (Brunel University London): “Markets, Institutions, Embeddedness: A Theoretical Study of the New Institutionalist Economic History of Douglass C. North”. 2012–2015. Award of PhD: March 2016.

Alastair Mordaunt (Brunel University London): Machiavelli and Conflict. 2014–

Rodrigo Maia (Brunel University London): The New Left in the European Union. 2018–