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Anthropological Research on Childhood, Youth and Education

Anthropological Research on Childhood, Youth and Education Research Group is a leading international group for anthropological research into childhood, youth and education. Formerly known as the CARCYE , the major intellectual objective of this Group is to consolidate anthropological research into how notions of the ‘child’, ‘youth’ and ‘education’ are understood cross-culturally. Our research is also concerned with children’s and youth’s own perspectives and engagement in their social worlds, and with how education and learning is understood as a lifelong practice that is informed by different social processes and that takes place within the context of diverse social spaces.

Our Aims:
  • To coordinate and promote anthropological research on children and childhood, young people and youth, and education and learning
  • To facilitate dialogue and collaboration with colleagues and centres within and outside the UK
  • To provide supervision and mentoring, training and research skills to students and junior academics
  • To contribute to debates relevant to policy makers and practitioners with the aim of improving young people’s lives.

Our group remains committed to facilitating dialogue and collaboration with national and international colleagues working on children and childhood, on youth and young people, and on the anthropology of education and learning; to using this approach in settings where young people’s lives and welfare are at risk from war, displacement, neglect and deprivation; and to incorporating and addressing national and international policy concerns and practices relating to issues such as child labour, educational access and engagement, and youth livelihoods.

Email: Dr Peggy Froerer