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The Grow2Build is a hub of research in bio-based building products. Civil Engineering Division already has an international reputation for its prolific research output into natural fiber composites. The centre has designated lab space for technical development and a permanent display of emerging bio-building products. The aim is to achieve a recognisable presence within the construction industry as a place to seek consultation on every aspect of bio-based material, from cultivation and processing to research and development to the application of market ready products.

Grow2Build is an InterregIVB project that seeks to promote the use of hemp and flax as raw materials for construction products in the North West European region. We have 11 partners spanning five countries; Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and the UK. We are taking a holistic approach to this project in that we hope to increase the efficiency of the entire value chain of hemp and flax construction products by facilitating the collaboration between farmers, producers, distributors and end users.