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Physical sciences, engineering and mathematics

We submitted research by 242 of our academics for the Physical sciences, engineering and mathematics panel, across four areas of study. 

Most of the research falling under the Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences Unit of Assessment has grown out of international collaborations, including with the European Union. Our research submitted as part of the Mathematics Unit of Assessment is setting the academic and intellectual agenda in relevant fields, with key partners including the People's Bank of China and TWI.  For the Computer Science Unit of Assessment, our key research partners included Deloitte and Sensyne Health, for projects funded by £9.6 million of grants. 

Our submission to the Engineering Unit of Assessment was our largest, representing the work of 159 researchers and involving 187 countries. Caterpillar, TWI, Constellium, Honeywell, Econotherm, Ecodek and Enertechnos were all key partners during the assessment period, and total funding of £133.2 million was won for our Engineering research.


Results highlights

100% of Environmental Science impact case studies world-leading or internationally excellent

88% of Mathematics papers world-leading or internationally excellent

95% of Computer Science papers co-authored internationally

Engineering research environment world-leading and internationally excellent