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Leading from Within: Creating true social impact by stepping outside of the proverbial Social Work Box

JuliaLynch_Small-1"As Social Workers we are often taught that there are specific roles that we can play in society, in order to be of service. We are shown a limited number of paths that we can take to help others, however, as society changes and more of us are creating our own professional realities, how can we step outside of the box in the name of truly making a difference? I will share with you my journey from local community Social Worker, to Therapist, to International Social Work Entrepreneur and everything in between. I have lived and worked as a Social Worker in a number of countries and have seen how we can truly do better to provide innovative services to our clients. And sometimes that means that you need to step out on your own and way past where your comfort zone ends. I’ll give you some top tips on how to create your own business that does things differently, that truly empowers our clients to be their own agents of social change. I’ll also tell you more about how I started my own non-profit, Global Girl Project. Being a Social Worker really can be world-changing if you’re ready to use your own passion and spirit to impact the lives of others. Come and join me on the journey."

Julia Lynch

Over the past twenty years Julia Lynch has worked in Canada, England, and the United States as a Social Worker, Community Development Worker, Therapist, Events Coordinator and Executive Director. The common thread joining all these endeavors is her ongoing commitment to social justice and community development work with various non-profits and communities around the world.
In 2013 Julia founded Global Girl Project, an international non-profit that mobilizes young women around the world to create and facilitate social change through community development. Julia’s other hat is as a Capoeira Instructor, teaching the transformational Afro-Brazilian martial art in her own academy in London and to children throughout the city. Julia has been training capoeira in Los Angeles and London for 10 years and has used its transformative powers to create and mobilise her own life both personally and professionally.

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