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British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2017


Dr Mike Thomas, Programme Leader for the MA in Social Work presented to the British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference in Manchester on Thursday 6 April.

Mike's presentation, 'Respect, Tolerance and Equal Worth? Assessing the Impact of Same-sex Marriage in Great Britain' draws on his research into marriage and civil partnerships.  His presentation highlighted the complexities that LGB couples experience when they interact with family and friends, and their experience in more formal settings such as in the workplace and when they access services such as social care.  

Mike's research highlights that although LGB couples welcomed the legal rights that accompany same-sex marriage, the impact of equal marriage within family networks and in their daily lives was much more ambiguous and difficult to predict.  Mike's research findings demonstrate that same-sex marriage should not be interpreted as the last word in LGB equality.

The theme for the BSA Annual Conference 2017 was Recovering the Social: Personal Troubles and Public Issues. Find out more on the British Sociological Association website