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Social Workers are experts in loss/grief

Prof Holly Nelson-Becker in the Social Work Division at Brunel University London presented a three hour seminar related to loss and grief to CNWL London Trust social workers on 28 June. Her seminar was titled Managing Loss/Grief and Death in Social Work.

The CPD session was organised by Karen Cook, Head of Social Work and Social Care for the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. Prof. Nelson-Becker discussed post-modern theories of loss and grief and compared them to classical theories. The group of 35 social workers identified a range of different types of losses they see in service users. Stressors that may lead to complicated grief/and or trauma were discussed as well as the value of exploring loss as a factor to understand and manage current life conditions. Discussion included methods for listening to and providing a healing context for loss stories, pervasive in current times.

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