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Stratford to Broxbourne Railway Line Bridge Inspection

This bridge is thought to have been built in 1882 for the Stratford to Broxbourne line allowing trains to pass over the small river present at the site. The line was electrified in the 1960s which would have required construction of the overhead cable system. The bridge is of a triple girder construction with three main beams of wrought iron spanning around 30m. It is situated in the Lee Valley which is a popular nature area.

During the inspection, the bridge was found to be of mixed condition. Most of the issues were due to corrosion of the metalwork on the bridge. The worst parts were at the base of the vertical stiffeners and at points where water leaked down from the deck above.

Overall it was surprising the level of defects found in the structure. When the bridge was originally chosen for this project the issues were not instantly obvious. It was not until a detailed observation had been performed that the issues became apparent.

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Project Gallery

View of the railway bridge Underneath the bridge Close up of underneath of bridge