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River Pinn Bridge Inspection

Bridge 1 is a simply supported single-span bridge with a masonry arch over the River Pinn dating back to 1868-1881. However, it is conceivable that the bridge once existed as a masonry arch bridge and has since been replaced with a more modern construction, whilst keeping remnants of the original. The existence of the masonry arch is explained only by the need to maintain historical importance, rather than aiding the structural integrity of the bridge itself.

Only minor problems were observed in terms of the main structural elements. For the masonry arch, age-related defects were observed such as loss of pointing, cracking and scouring at the water level.

Bridge 2 is a below deck girder bridge, with half through timber truss. It is a timer, steel and concrete construction and is part of a public footpath. The only access to the site is via foot.

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Project Gallery

Closer view of north face elevation Photograph of south face elevation Photograph of north face elevation