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Chiswick Bridge and Tower Bridge Inspections

Built in response to the increasing West London population post World War One, the Chiswick Bridge was opened in 1933 and connects the inhabitants of Chiswick and Mortlake who had previously used a ferry to cross from the north and south banks of the Thames since the 17th century. The bridge has a public footpath that can be used to inspect the bridge from the top. A boat rental was required to inspect the soffit and beams from underneath the bridge.

Spalling and corrosion of steel rebars within the concrete were found due to water and salts permeating the concrete through cracks. There are some cracks on the expansion joints and some of the curbs. The bronze trimmings require replacement. The parapets require replacement as well but with the addition of steel sections and bars for strengthening. It is important upon the repair of the structure to preserve its heritage and visual appearance.

Click here to view the full report of the Chiswick Bridge and a short report on Tower Bridge 

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Chiswick Bridge, West London Close up of Chiswick Bridge Tower Bridge, London