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Masonry Bridge Inspection

The Masonry bridge is an arched bridge built in the early 1900s to carry a railway line. Arched geometry has been used in bridges since Roman times and masonry is considered the best performing for heavy loads. The local area consists of over-gown trees since the viaduct cuts through a regional park. The main construction material for the bridge is a combination of blue and red bricks which have different strength characteristics. These are bonded using lime mortar which was common masonry construction in its time.

The bridge was inspected on site. With the help of a camera that can zoom into areas further away, defects were found on the bridge including lime mortar, the presence of calcification and efflorescence, damp areas on the soffit dripping down and sprawls of vegetation between brick joints. Causes of the defects were discussed and recommendations for testing, monitoring, repair and maintenance were advised for the benefit of future inspections and determining the structural integrity and lifespan.

Click here to view the full report https://sites.google.com/view/bridgescoursework/masonry-bridge

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