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Great Howard Viaduct Bridge Inspection, Liverpool

My name is Fawaz Alqattan, an MSc student at Brunel University London majoring in Project and Infrastructure Management in Civil Engineering. I have completed my BSc degree at San Diego State University in California, USA. I have a huge passion for civil engineering and construction in general and am fascinated by bridges and how they are constructed. A bridge inspection project has been completed as part of the Infrastructure Management module where students were asked to perform a general inspection on a bridge.

Bridge assessment: This bridge is part of the Great Howard Street Viaduct in Liverpool, UK on the Sandhills to Liverpool Central branch of the Northern Line of the Merseyrail. The bridge is part of a series of 22 bridges that are very similar to it and extend throughout a neighbourhood. It has been designed to serve as a bridge for railway purposes where it carries two railways. The bridge was constructed in May 1977 and a series of similar railway bridges nearby have been decommissioned.

The bridge has a span width of 15 meters and a span length of 12 meters. The bridge has a height limit sign posted on either side of the arch rings as well as lightning provided in the arch barrel.

A general bridge inspection has been carried out where visible structures from the ground level have been detailed in this report.

Project Gallery

Great Howard Viaduct with vehicles parked underneath Inside of the Great Howard Viaduct Inside of the Great Howard Viaduct with a car parked underneath Wall of the Great Howard Viaduct