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Advanced Clinical Practice CPD

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Start date

September, January

Subject area

Advanced Clinical Practice




International £1,785

Entry requirements

Pre-registration degree in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or nursing

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Brunel offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for allied health practitioners delivered by experienced professionals and academics.

These modules are designed for the allied health professional, primarily working as a specialist physiotherapist or occupational therapist, who has at least one year of post-qualification work experience. They will prepare you for a leadership role in developing and improving the care and experience of service users, along with improving service provision across a range of health and care settings.

They are designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop your clinical reasoning in the chosen specialist area, as well as apply current guidelines for practice. You will also have an opportunity to consider patient care approaches which are multidisciplinary.

Teaching takes places across 2 terms, in line with the University calendar. The timetable of scheduled sessions for each module utilises designated days of the week for either 4 x full days, or 4-6 x half days during working hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), dependent on the module.

As an associate student, you may take one 15-credit module per term. 

You can explore our campus and facilities for yourself by taking our virtual tour.

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Choose your modules

Quantitative Methods and Design for Health Science Research – PH5603

Qualitative Research in Health and Social Care – PH5604

Advanced Clinical Leadership – PH5612

Learning and Teaching in Advanced Clinical Practice – PH5615

Anatomy and Physiology – PH5616

Acute Management of the Critically Ill Patient – PH5617

Rehabilitation after Critical Illness – PH5618

The Specialist Patient – PH5619

Pain: Contemporary Science and Practice – PH5624

Contemporary Theory and Clinical Application in Musculoskeletal Practice: The Lower Quadrant – PH5625

Contemporary Theory and Clinical Application in Musculoskeletal Practice: The Upper Quadrant – PH5626

Functional Neuroscience for Rehabilitation – PH5629

Neurophysiological Basis for Rehabilitation of Movement – PH5630

Clinical Applications in Neurorehabilitation – PH5631

Cognitive and Behavioural Issues in Neurorehabilitation – PH5632

Working as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal Medicine: Advanced Assessment and Management Skills – PH5641

PH5642 Assessment and diagnosis of pelvic health – PH5642

Management of the Pelvic Health Patient – PH5643

Injection Therapy – PH5647

Science of Rehabilitation and Movement – PH5648

Fundamentals of Prevention and Rehabilitation in Cardiovascular Health – PH5649

Advanced Lifestyle Management in Cardiovascular Health – PH5650

Reflective Clinical Practice in Cardiovascular Health – PH5651

Working as a Perinatal Practitioner in Pelvic Health – PH5652

How to apply

Click the 'Apply now' button on this page. You’ll be prompted to tell us the module you’d like to apply for in your application form. Make sure you tell us about your module choice so we can make a decision on your application more quickly. You’ll be able to find the details of the different modules you can apply for on this webpage. Once we have received your completed application we will assess it and contact you by email with the outcome.

If you have enrolled on a CPPD course previously and would like to join another module, there is no need to submit another application. Instead, you should contact the Taught Programmes Office for the department you want to join and provide them with the details of the module you want to study. They will be able to provide you with more information on what you need to do.

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A fee will be charged for each module of study.

The cost of the fee will depend on the size of the module (10 credits, 15 credits, 20 credits or 30 credits).

Please refer to the Fees for Associate module students for the latest fees.

If you choose to apply we will confirm the fee to you when we make you an offer and you will be invoiced for the fee once you enrol.

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Entry requirements

These modules are intended for practitioners in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or nursing. As such, persons interested in doing one of these modules should hold a pre-registration degree in either one of these allied health professions.

English language requirements: Whilst there are no formal English language entry criteria, because these modules are taught and assessed in English applicants should be able to communicate fully in English to the standard of GCSE grade C (IELTS 6.5 with 6 in all skills).