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Katalytik visit WiBEC

Katalytik was established by Dr Jan Peters to address inclusion and engagement in science and technology education and employment. On 26 January 2017 Jan delivered an engaging, lively and inspiring workshop to an audience of over 70 mentees and mentors packed into two classrooms.

Brunel paid for each student to access a code to identify their strengths before the workshop, Jan then focussed on using their strengths reports to enable everyone to reflect and to prepare for interview. Our students discovered the difference between talents and strengths and had a chance to reflect how energised we feel when we use our talents. They also learned how to observe teams and work with people with different talents to them – whether in the workplace or when studying.

Our students and mentees were certainly inspired and motivated and enjoyed learning how the dreaded interview question “tell me about your greatest weakness” or tell me about a development goal” can neatly be turned into a positive and self-aware response by using StrengthsFinder.