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Love Your Leo 2022

Posted: March 13 2022

Brunel Dance Society
Brunel Dance Society

Love Your Leo is an annual body positivity campaign started by UEA Ballet in 2019, that has since become a national and international phenomenon. 

Running in March each year, the campaign promotes body positivity, inclusivity and eating disorder awareness. All money raised will be split evenly between the two charities: BEAT and Eating matters.

We sought involvement in this campaign because the presence of eating disorders in the dance world is mind-blowingly common still. Furthermore, in some areas of Europe, it is still celebrated to be what is medically unhealthy. This campaign was also an opportunity to bring the clubs together, who felt that as part of their performance their figure was also being watched, scrutinized and sometimes judged harshly. Callisthenics is a male-dominated club and they saw the collaboration opportunity. Eating disorders in men are still overlooked, excused and hushed rather than publicized as an issue. We saw the value in a mixed group of genders, therefore, collaborating on something so integral to all performance-based sports.

Jasmine Lue - Brunel Dance chair