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Mistakes every fresher makes!

Posted: July 20 2020

Ajani, Water Engineering
Ajani, Water Engineering

It's your first year of Uni and you're super excited and anticipating all the new experiences. However, these new experiences come with a learning curve where you will make a few mistakes while adjusting.

Here are some of the common mistakes freshers normally make and some tips on how they can be avoided.

photo of Brunel Student Centre office

Not taking advantage of your resources

Yes, it's Uni and you are on your own but it does not mean you have to be alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help because this exciting new chapter will come with increased responsibilities, added stress and can be overwhelming. So keep in mind that help is always available on campus. Outside of asking for help it will also be wise to explore and become familiar with the resources available to you as a student. These resources are not limited to academic assistance but also include emotional and mental support. Brunel has the Academic Skills Service (ASK) which helps students to develop the skills necessary to learn and thrive academically.

Freshers week silent disco

Not getting enough sleep

With all the excitement and new experiences, you will want to push yourself to be involved and to have fun. This is where you can take on too many activities and stretch yourself thin trying to balance them with classes and when this happens sleep is easily sacrificed. How can you avoid this? Always remember to PACE YOURSELF. Ensure you are enjoying the university experience but not compromising your academic life and wellbeing. It is ok to say 'no' sometimes and sit out some activities.

Students chatting in Brunel University park

Not getting out enough

Having a full university experience means balancing studying and your personal life. Yes, you're here for your degree but social interaction is also an important part of the Uni experience. It's through these interactions that friendships are formed and these friendships play an integral role in your mental health and wellbeing. Uni can get hard at times and in those moments it is great to have someone to help you through. You can also learn and gain many opportunities from these interactions. So try to find time to 'get out', have a breather and interact with others.

student shopping in Brunel campus grocery store

Not keeping track of your spending

Being on your own means you're responsible for your finances. With all the new experiences and adventures it is so easy to lose track of your spending. As a new student adjusting to these new responsibilities debts can pile up quickly. Making a budget is an easy way to avoid this mistake and spare yourself a lot of worrying and discomfort. When making your budget start with the most important items such as tuition, housing, food and, if necessary, transportation. After this try to put aside some money just for savings; always plan for 'rainy days'. Whatever is left can be used as disposable income – spend it as you wish. Here at Brunel, students can learn about financial topics through Blackbullion offered by the Student Centre.