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Essentials that you can purchase online

Posted: June 12 2020

Sanjana, Business and Management
Sanjana, Business and Management

With the current situation taking a toll on our mental health, we cannot ignore the fact that going to university this coming September is the only choice for many of us. However, we can only try our best to stay indoors and stay safe. Therefore, below is a list of the stores and apps that can get you your essentials to your doorstep without having to expose yourself unnecessarily.


Coming to university is a huge step, especially for international students. That also means that we may not be able to carry many essentials with us from home. Guess what? Amazon can be our savior! Be it photo frames, fairy lights, or even your own duvet set! Having Amazon lockers on campus means that you do not have to walk more than 50 steps to get to your deliveries. Let’s also not forget that Amazon has its “Amazon Groceries” that deliver you fresh fruits and vegetables too! Isn’t that great?

Tesco and Lidl

We all have heard about Tesco and their “meal deals”. Trust me when I say this, they are lifesaving! Whereas, Lidl is famous for its fresh fruits and vegetables, plus, it’s super cheap! Although both stores are super close to campus with a 15- and 10-minute walk respectively, you can now order your groceries online by booking a slot on Tesco’s website and/or order through Buymie, which is partnered with Lidl. So, don’t you worry about having to leave your accommodation to get your groceries, they will be delivered to your doorstep within a few hours!


Let me be honest, Argos was the first store that I landed when I first arrived in the UK. What did I need? A table fan. Yes, that’s right! Whether you’re crazy enough as me to want a table fan in the freezing temperature or sane enough to want something as small as a sandwich maker, hand blender, or even a coffee machine, Argos has it all! Personally, I feel they are a little overpriced, but hey, there’s nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your room and clicking the order button. Plus, you don’t need to travel to the town and carry your stuff back. All you need to do is walk till the distribution centre located on campus and there you have your essentials!

Uber Eats

I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of what Uber Eats is. Common, food being brought to your doorstep with a menu on your phone? Best thing ever! I think this is one of my most-used apps. Having assignments and can’t cook? Uber Eats. Friends come over. Uber Eats. I can’t thank Uber Eats enough for saving me from starving myself on most days. Moreover, with the COVID situation, we can’t take the risk of going to our favorite restaurants and enjoying meals for a while now. Therefore, Uber Eats at our rescue. Order on the app and enjoy your favorite dishes with your friends in your kitchen!