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Living in halls

Posted: June 27 2019

Sarah, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences BSc
Sarah, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences BSc

When I was accepted to study at Brunel, I was nervous and excited all at once. I was nervous as I would be leaving all my friends and family behind but I was excited to meet new people and become more independent.

As I was moving from another country, living in halls seemed like the most convenient and practical option for first year. I literally had the best experience so I’ve made a list to try and persuade you why living in halls can be so great.

1. It’s easy to make friends

With most fresher’s choosing to stay in halls it’s a really great way to meet other first years who are likely to be on different courses. Not only that but it will be most people’s first experience of living away from home so you will all be in the same boat. The friends I made from my first year flat have turned out to be my best friends and I have lived with them ever since… so you could find your bffs!

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2. Everything you need is in one place and in walking distance

As Brunel is a campus university, everything is super close and there are facilities to cater for all your needs. There’s Costcutter, coffee shops, food outlets, sports facilities, nightlife, a Medical Centre and pharmacy. You literally wouldn’t have to leave campus if you didn’t want to!

Bird-eye view of Brunel University London.

3. Regular maintenance of the building

What’s so great about living in halls is that you can feel independent living away from home but still taken care of at the same time. If you have any maintenance issues in your flat you can log the issue and the maintenance team will be there to fix it so there’s no need for DIY maintenance.

Brunel students studying in campus room.

4. Cleaners

Living with lots of a people in a flat can be messy but another bonus of halls is that you will have a cleaner. The cleaner will ensure your kitchen work top and floors are clean and the bins will regularly be emptied. You just need to make sure you keep your own stuff clean as there’s nothing worse than mouldy pots and pans lying about the kitchen!

Brunel students chatting in the kitchen of student accommodation.

5. You don’t have any extra bills

Unlike students who opted to live in a house your rent is all inclusive so there no need to worry about unexpected costs!

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6. Safe and secure

All of the halls require a pass to get into the building, a key to get into the flat and another key to get into your bedroom so you can feel pretty safe when your tucked up in bed! On top of that, security work 24/7 and have a phone line if you ever need them.

Night view of Brunel University campus concourse

I hope this list has provided some insight about living in halls and how great it can be! Good luck with your application and see you in September!