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Freshers' tips you may and may not not know

Posted: May 01 2019

Keturah, Biomedical Sciences
Keturah, Biomedical Sciences

1. Catching a case of Freshers’ flu is so real – register at the on campus Medical Centre.

I can't go out. I'm sick

2. Budgeting smart is key – consider laundry, food, travel, nights out, books.


3. Student finance is primarily for paying rent not splashing

throwing coins everywhere

4. Beware of credit cards, interest rates and fancy deals – stick to debit

stick to debit

6. Student over draft – if you don’t need it, avoid it. Look for grants you may be eligible for.

7. Food – shop smart, minimise takeaways, whip up last minute meals with reduction items

8. Jobs – sign up straight away with the Job Shop and go to the job fairs the uni hosts.

Do not hesitate to book a meeting at the Professional Development Centre, start thinking about placements, CVs and internships early.

I'm gunna get a job!

9. Attendance to lectures, labs and suggested sessions can help with learning skills like avoiding plagiarism, referencing and networking for future placements.

10. Tidy, organised room = tidy, organised mind.

fake Tidy, organised room

11. Reading ahead and making concise notes is key so you don’t cram and stress when it’s all too late.

don’t cram and stress