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Brunel’s support for mental health

Posted: November 03 2020

Kyle, Military and International History BA
Kyle, Military and International History BA

My name is Kyle, I am currently studying MA Military History at Brunel, after just having completed my BA at Brunel in Military and International History. I was originally diagnosed with ASD in 2012 and ended with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

I did not receive any formal help until I attended College but due to limited understanding of my condition, the support was not often correctly put in place. However, I have received much better support at Brunel and was granted access to a DSA Allowance to help me with my studies. One of the ways I focus on my mental health is by focusing on more creative outlets like painting and drawing to give me a project to focus on.

When I originally started Brunel, I was not in a safe place both in terms of my physical health but also my mental health. This changed midway through my education journey at Brunel, where I decided to become estranged from my family and focus on what was best for me and my future. In comparison to where I am now, I would say I have come a long way in becoming independent while being able to further my career and education. This only happened because I finally had the confidence to seek help and support from my university to allow me the necessary support to begin moving away from an abusive house.

The support I have received at Brunel has been phenomenal, both in terms of support for academic studies with providing me Study Skills through my DSA Allowance or by allowing me extra time to complete assignments when my mental health deteriorated. But also, outside of my academic work, with helping when I needed it most to both live but also be in a safer place.

Some of the best advice I can give is to focus primarily on what is best for you. While this can be an easier said than done thing, when times get tough, it is the only way to properly understand your potential and to ensure your own wellbeing comes first. Focussing too much on negative things will inevitably be a drain on you, no matter the stubbornness or perseverance. Finding creative outlets could be a good way to find new passions and ways to express yourself, which actively helps clear your mind and help provide an end goal to *hopefully* resolve procrastination. It is also worth bearing in mind a lot of places have a safeguarding system put in place to help protect vulnerable people. Remember there is always a way to seek help when you feel that you are not safe either due to the environment or your own personal health.