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My student ambassador experience

Posted: May 24 2022

It won't be untrue to state that once you come to Brunel, it feels like home. For students like me, who are passionate about representing Brunel, becoming a student ambassador is the best way to do it.

I have been a Brunel University London Student Ambassador since I started studying at the Law School. However, the role is very competitive- it requires the right attitude and passion.

Working as a student ambassador allowed me to gain valuable experience due to the practical expertise I got whilst working within the department, covering a wide range of administrative services, engaging with students, and providing vital student support to encourage positive welfare of existing and new students. It is a precious experience since I act as a connection between Brunel and the students. Since I want to help create a supportive network and a sense of community at Brunel, provide guidance to all students and meet a diverse range of needs, I strongly believe I achieved this by working as a student ambassador.

Student ambassadors on campus

I was certain about applying for this role after observing the responsibility accepted by the ambassadors who undertake significant responsibility of representing Brunel on various occasions. Having experience as a student ambassador has been important to me as it provided me with an unrivalled opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the work of various departments at Brunel. Since the role is very approachable and supportive to students, I've had the opportunity to develop my confidence and skills by being involved in various tasks and dealing with students and staff daily. I've been able to improve my communication and interpersonal skills by working with different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and learning from them in the process. I've also gained networking and problem-solving skills by talking to students and trying to find solutions to their problems, as well as making them feel like they have someone on their side looking out for them.

Ambassador and potential student chatting

Being a student ambassador has also introduced me to several fantastic opportunities and I've made new friends that have helped me learn about new cultures and places. I realised that my amicable and resilient personality made me an approachable individual. Furthermore, I am empathetic towards the needs and problems of people around me. Thus, volunteering and ambassadorial roles appeal to me utmost. I can adapt to changing situations and deal with unexpected circumstances since I enjoy challenging myself. Is there more? As a student ambassador, you can enjoy several perks. You can get involved with your university and get paid for it! Learn new presentation skills and develop team-building skills. You can make a difference to prospective students who are choosing a university. With this role, you can enhance your CV even further by gaining a certificate, a reference for future employment and developing your employability skills - all recruiters are looking for these! You may also have the opportunity to travel throughout the UK for events.