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How to prepare for an Open Day

Posted: June 27 2019

Margarida, Creative Writing

You’ve shortlisted the universities that you want to visit; now it’s time to prepare for those visits. Here are some top things to consider ahead of an open day.

1. Book your place in advance

Open day spaces can get filled very quickly so make sure you visit the universities’ websites to book your visit well in advance.

2. Arrange to go with someone

It’s always good to bring someone with you whether that is a parent or a friend to help you notice aspects of the university and course that you might not have noticed on your own and get a second opinion.

3. Check your transport options

Work out how you will get there and back. If you’re driving, find out if the university offers free parking on the day. If you’re taking public transport, make sure you know what bus/train to get so you’re not stuck on the day.

4. Make a list of what tours, talks and other sessions you might like to attend

Have a look at the schedule for the day and shortlist everything you’d like to attend so as not to miss anything that could be important.

5. Write down questions you might want to ask

It is most likely that you’ll meet lecturers and/or current students from your course so make a list of everything you’d like to ask them on the day.

6. Take notes and photos

You will get loads of information the whole day so it might be a good idea to take a notebook and a pen or simply use the notes app on your phone to write down every important thing. Taking photos will also help you remember what everything looked like later on!

Brunel University London Open Day

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