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Securing a dream job with Formula One

Securing a dream job with Formula One

Published: 13 Mar 2023

Martin Vance

I landed my dream job at Formula One Management Ltd, and a reason for this success was down to Brunel’s Placement and Careers Centre.

Martin, Undergraduate, Alumni

Data Systems Analyst, Formula One Management Ltd

Sport-Health-and-Exercise-Sciences-Coaching-BSc - 2016

From UK

For a long time I have been an avid Formula One fan, and throughout my studies my intention was to use my sports science background to work with drivers – with the ultimate goal of working in Formula One.

In the employability study module during my final year at Brunel, I learned how to write and communicate my points across in a professionally concise yet meaningful way. In fact, the CV template I used to apply for this job was the one provided to me during my 3rd year!

When I started my role, I asked my Team Leader and Group Manager why they employed me, and they both said that my CV was the easiest to understand by a long way compared to the other applicants and that my answers were concise and meaningful. They also said that being able to communicate and put my point forward in a concise and meaningful way is a critical skill for working within this organisation as Formula One is non-stop, therefore time is a precious commodity.

It’s been a surreal and fantastic experience seeing all the drivers and famous people associated with Formula One with my own eyes! I’ve already travelled to Austin, Texas to the USA Grand Prix and I’m scheduled to visit Australia, Bahrain and China during 2018.

Thank you Brunel for your part in helping me achieve my dream career!