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Policy Brief: Addressing Future Election Challenges - Prof Justin Fisher


The Electoral Integrity Programme ensures secure, fair, and transparent UK elections.  Recent changes bring opportunities and threats (online voting, overseas donors, non-party campaigning, spending limits) to integrity and participation. In this Policy Brief Professor Justin Fisher proposes solutions for addressing these challenges.

Policy advice

  • Resume trials of remote online voting to offer secure convenient voting and reflect the digitisation of citizens’ lives. 
  • Improve the regulation of donations from UK citizens resident overseas, to avoid foreign money inappropriately influencing UK politics. 
  • Reduce the spending limits for non-party campaigners, relative to political parties, to protect the primacy of those standing for election. 
  • Raise national party spending limits in line with inflation, but do so in a phased manner to avoid disproportionately advantaging the most popular party at the time. 

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