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Policy Brief: Promoting Wales as The Land of Dragons and Legends - Prof Dorothy Yen


Tourism in Wales is strategically important: £6 billion per year, 8% of the Welsh economy and 12.7% of employment in Wales. What is truly unique to Wales is the Welsh language, its legends and folklore and the Welsh Red Dragon - Y Ddraig Goch. These should be communicated strongly when promoting Welsh tourism internationally. Learn more about a research brief by Professor Dorothy Yen


  • Wales’ dragon and the connection to well-known legendary figures present a unique and attractive selling point to brand and differentiate Wales from other UK nations when promoting tourism to international visitors. 
  • The Welsh Red Dragon, as the national symbol could be better capitalised upon to promote Wales, to boost international tourism.
  • Successful destination branding needs good support from the local population.
  • For Welsh people, interacting with the national symbol will strengthen their association with the nation, promote stronger emotional bonds and national pride.
  • There are many opportunities for Wales to capitalise on its existing association with dragons and legendary figures by speaking to people’s fantasy and fascination. This can be in various sectors:  tourism, creative media, and gaming and technology industries. 

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